Mr. Robot (s1)

Mr. Robot (s1)

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Mr. Robot (s1): ep 01
A socially inept cyber security engineer is approached by the notorious hacker, Mr. Robot.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 02
Elliot must decide between a highly paid job at E Corp, or joining fsociety.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 03
Gideon begins to suspect Elliot might have been involved in the attack on E Corp.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 04
Elliot suffers extreme withdrawal symptoms when his morphine supply is cut off.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 05
Fsociety attempt to gain access to the most secure data facility in America.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 06
Vera's brother puts pressure on Elliot to hack Vera out of jail.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 07
Angela considers a deal to incriminate E Corp, but at what cost?
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 08
Elliot works with fsociety to re-plan their attack, but they'll need the help of the Dark Army.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 09
Mr. Robot takes Elliot on a trip to his childhood home.
Mr. Robot (s1): ep 10
Elliot wakes up in Tyrell's car with no memory of the past three day.