Wenera (s2)

Wenera (s2)

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Wenera (s2): ep 14
T1 and Tsotsi are arrested for drug abuse on T1’s birthday party.T1’s wife Gugu goes into labor. Brian agrees to go and work for Mica at Shumba Diamonds on condition that he is given a senior managerial position. Madhiga is fired from her job by mai Musodza.
Wenera (s2): ep 15
Mica is not happy about Wenera Diamonds business developments .Humba is not happy about Tsotsi’s release from prison .Detective Simbi is trying to investigate Mai Musodza’s disappearance .Mica is manipulating Maneta’s relationship with Bruce in her favor so that she gets to know what Wenera Diamonds is planning.T1 is released from prison
Wenera (s2): ep 16
Gugu is happy to have T1 back at home and she now has a baby boy Brandon .Tanya is shocked to see Trevor and she makes it clear that they will never be together again.T1 is not okay with Busi staying at their place. Maneta spikes Bruce’s drink so that she stills the Tango information from him.
Wenera (s2): ep 17
Busi gets her hands on the Tango document before Maneta. Tanya is getting mysterious calls from an unknown number. T1 wants to be part of the family business. Bruce brings along Detective Cabbage to help out Mai Musodza. Humba gives Tsotsi some rules and commandments of staying at the Blue House that doesn’t go down well with Tsotsi.
Wenera (s2): ep 18
Chichi is not happy with the way T1 and Tanya are treating her. Bongani gets into a diamond deal with Trevor but trust is an issue between the two. Chaka and Bruce want to come up with a plan to silence T1 about his interest in working at Wenera Diamonds. Trevor tells Chichi that e is back in her life whilst Adele her Tanya if it’s true that her father Trevor is back. Tanya brushes her off.
Wenera (s2): ep 19
Busi brings Mica the Tango document on a silver plate and Mica ask what she wants in return but it seems she is not sure yet. T1 confronts Tsotsi about him calling his wife before a fight erupts.
Wenera (s2): ep 20
Bruce tells Chaka that the Tango document was stolen and this doesn’t go down well with Chaka.
Wenera (s2): ep 21
Chaka gives Brian a call to warn him about how dangerous Mica is. Tsotsi meet head-on with T1 and Gugu and demands to see Brandon. Brian confronts Mica about what Chaka told him.
Wenera (s2): ep 22
Bruce tells Busi that he wants to marry Maneta. Busi can’t take any of that.
Wenera (s2): ep 23
Brian wants to take the experienced workers at Wenera Diamonds. Mica tells Bongani to kill Trevor after their deal. Trevor receives a call to eliminate Bongani after their deal.
Wenera (s2): ep 24
Bruce refuses to give T1 any position at Wenera but Busi is rallying behind T1. T1’s friend Marley ask T1 to stay at his house but Gugu can’t take any of that nonsense. Humba and Manyodo calls Bongani to sell their diamonds they stole at work.
Wenera (s2): ep 25
Bokins offers Humba and Manyodo good working conditions at Shumba Diamonds but Humba goes and tell Bruce what Bokins was send to do by Brian. Trevor visits Adele but Tanya won’t let him see her although she wants to see her dad.