Munzi and Howza

Munzi and Howza
2020 . 49 min


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Dr Sindisiwe van Zyl was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She moved to South Africa in 1996 for university. Dr Sindi completed a BSc in Human Physiology and Psychology in 1999. She then went on to study medicine until 2005. She is passionate about patients’ rights and about HIV – especially the Prevention-of-Mother-To-Child-Transmission. She has found a niche on social media. Dr Sindi uses this platform to share important health information on topics such as HIV and mental illness. She also has a passion for radio. Her interest in radio was sparked in 1996 at Radio Tuks. And the bug has never left. In her spare time, Dr Sindi loves tweeting about life, love, and everything else.

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