Kaya Travel - Bali

Kaya Travel - Bali
Day 1
After almost 24 hours on a flight we were welcomed at the luxurious 5 star Nusa Dua Beach Resort.
Day 2
Our Afropolitan listeners toured amazing Bali and discovered hidden secrets of the island.
Day 3
The island that was named best travel destination 2017 was explored at listeners leisure. The gorgeous white sandy beaches and pale blue waters were a rejuvenating welcome.
Day 4
Guests explored the unique arts and crafts markets that Bali had to offer.
Day 5
A day of temple visits, food and beach time culminated in a Weekends with Thomas live broadcast from Bali.
Day 6
Listeners and presenters got stuck into some independent exploration of the island. The listener tour to Bali was brought to you in association with Standard Bank Signature Banking.
Day 7
The final day in Bali consisted of a pit stop in Singapore and a day tour of the city.