The Quad (s1)

The Quad (s1)

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The Quad (s1): ep 01
As the pressure of her new role begins to mount, Eva copes with her daughter's indiscretions.
The Quad (s1): ep 02
Upon giving Jason an ultimatum, Eva is surprised to receive an interesting proposition.
The Quad (s1): ep 03
A new ominous social media presence stirs up trouble on GAMU's campus.
The Quad (s1): ep 04
Fulfilling her duties as President, Eva gives the students on campus a lesson on rape culture.
The Quad (s1): ep 05
Eva and Coach Hardwick investigate the truth behind Sydney’s rape allegation.
The Quad (s1): ep 06
With the Battle of the Bands approaching, Cecil Diamond wants to make things right with his sister.
The Quad (s1): ep 07
Cedric gets a visitor from Chicago, while BoJohn and Junior take an experiment one step too far.
The Quad (s1): ep 08
With chaos unleashing upon the campus, Eva’s career is dealt a blow.