Imposters (s1)

Imposters (s1)

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Imposters (s1): ep 01
Ezra Blooms' life is turned upside down when he discovers his newlywed wife is a con artist.
Imposters (s1): ep 02
When pursuing her next target, Maddie finds herself allured by an enigmatic figure.
Imposters (s1): ep 03
A significant clue points Ezra, Richard and Jules right in Maddie's direction.
Imposters (s1): ep 04
Lenny Cohen arrives on scene to set things straight with Maddie and her team.
Imposters (s1): ep 05
Adjusting to their new fraudster lifestyles, Ezra and the team are hot on Maddie's tail.
Imposters (s1): ep 06
Maddie's surprise birthday party hosts some unexpected guests.
Imposters (s1): ep 07
A spontaneous trip home leaves Ezra speculating over his future.
Imposters (s1): ep 08
Maddie is burdened with life-changing information.
Imposters (s1): ep 09
As the wedding day edges closer, Maddie fights to keep everything in check.
Imposters (s1): ep 10
The arrival of the big day puts loyalties to the ultimate test.