Let It Rain

Let It Rain
2019 . 7 min


  • Lindiwe Maxolo


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  • Music/Musical


Lindiwe Maxolo is an emerging powerful vocalist in the South African Jazz music industry. She is recipient winner of the 2002 Afro Vocal Category in the Old Mutual Jazz Encounters Competition. Armed with a Cum Laude in Jazz Honours Degree from the University of Cape Town, she’s demonstrated her diversity by performing in India, Portugal, Greece and New Orleans. And her enchanting magical voice will still see her further mesmerize the world.
With a background that was rooted in church music, Ms Maxolo felt the need to take her musicianship to a higher level by studying music formally. She went on to graduate Cum Laude in her Honours Degree in Jazz Music from the University of Cape Town.
Critics have described her sound as “jazzy”, “soulful”, “lyrical”, “affirming” and “layered”.

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